Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hogs get slaughtered!

Alan is a senior at a major state university.  He has ok grades and some related work experience.  He is a talented young man I have mentored over the years.  He emailed me the other day to ask for advice concerning a job offer for received for a management rotation program.  Yes, you heard this right.  A college senior with a job offer in September of their senior year!

The offer was very fair and competitive.  The position was awesome.  The problem was that when Alan asked the people around him (probably other students), they coached him to ask for more money.  He asked my opinion.  I did not beat around the bush.  I knew of the program he was offered and it is an unbelievable career opportunity.  While he might be successful receiving a few more dollars per year in salary, he would be forming the initial opinions of his new leadership.  The situation reminded me of the investment advice I got years ago “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”  We all need to know when enough is enough.  I shared my opinion with Alan in clear, straight forward words.  He thanked me and pointed out that he needed someone to point out the obvious.  His friends were thinking too short term. He accepted the offer.

Do you provide clear, concise advice when it is needed?  How do you tell the difference between when a mentee needs general concepts from direction?

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David Armstrong said...

Reminds me of a comment from James Autry that I have shared with people many times when they are assessing career options.

"When the job description on paper no longer matches the one in your heart, its time to change the one on paper."

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