Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are U Happy?

A leader that knows what makes them happy is far more likely to understand what makes others happy. The 17 June 2004 article by James Montier in Global Equity Strategy tilted “The Psychology of Happiness” outlines where happiness comes from.

Here is Montier’s top ten list for improving happiness (in no particular order)

1) Don’t equate happiness with money.
2) Exercise regularly.
3) Have sex (preferably with someone you love).
4) Devote time and effort to close relationships..
5) Pause for reflection; meditate on the good things in life.
6) Seek work that engages your skills; look to enjoy your job.
7) Give your body the sleep it needs.
8) Don’t pursue happiness for its own sake, enjoy the moment.
9) Take control of your life, set yourself achievable goals.
10) Remember to follow the rules.

How many of these ten do you do?


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