Thursday, May 17, 2012

“He treats me like…”

You see it often on TV or in the movies.  One person in the stall of a restroom overhears the conversation of two other talking at the sink.  Usually it is something humorous of filled with important plot lines.

I had the opportunity to hear one teammate telling another about his new job and boss.  Speaking about the new boss, he said “He treats me like I’m the only employee that works here.”  That is a seriously strong statement.  Everyone wants to work for a boss like this. 

It was automatic.  I wanted a boss like that.  What a selfish way of viewing the world.  It took me a few more thoughts and realized what I really wanted – I wanted to become the boss that people say that about!  I thought of the little things leaders can do now to make people feel they are a priority – moving from the desk, computer or phone for a discussion; not checking their email on a Blackberry/iPhone while talking; eye contact; asking probing questions; and remembering to say thank you.  It became obvious how easy it is to be above average.

What do you do to make your team feel important and valued?


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