Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gifts that matter

Gifting in the workplace is a tough topic on many levels. When you are a true leader, the task is difficult because so many people help you accomplish anything you achieved.

I figured out the answer for me. Gifts that take effort or help someone or something greater than you are always a good thing. So, I determined a small token of appreciation that also supports a non-profit organization could be noticed as an interesting and educational way to thank co-workers. About ten years ago I learned that the annual fund raiser for the Canine Assistance Program of Utah was a hand crafted goat milk soap sale. Since that time, we buy “CAPSOAP” product in bulk and divide it up as appreciation gifts. It sends a nice gifting message, educates and helps an important cause. Everybody wins.

Have you discovered our holiday solutions leaders might use in the workplace?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

“I can make it right”

Given all our complaints about customer service, could you imagine a company only hiring “C” students and giving them the power to make management decisions to make situations right for the customer?

I’ve been a fan of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car hiring and service model for a long time and their most recent TV ads say it all. The ads have Enterprise teammates stating that if a customer ever has a problem, “I can make it right.” If you have ever dealt with Enterprise, it is true. Enterprise is family owned, hire highly social, C students with leadership potential. They train them, put them in charge and let them make decisions. Seems like such a simple concept.

Do you give your teammates the decision authority to get their job done? Do they know what decision power they have? Do you cause non-value added checks and balances?


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