Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hippy Power

The tickets never arrived. They were using a home grown system. The help line was overrun and they could not keep up with email traffic. We were deciding whether it was worth driving to the show and not getting in. We did and it was no problem. We explained the problem to the hippy at the “ticket solutions” tent and he sent us into the festival.

I’m talking about the Clearwater Music & Environmental Festival at Croton Point Park in New York. The music drew us to the event, but the diversity of thought at this event was stimulating. In April 2009, I posted a blog about forcing yourself to become immersed in Gen Y diversity. This weekend was about being overcome by Boomer diversity. Clearwater has an interesting way of exposing one to a world displaying where all the hippies landed. The event was “zero waste” and energy neutral. The 30 plus activist booths included knowledgeable and passionate people of many causes. It was an eye opening experience.

What did you do this month to meet a group of people outside you normal sphere? Can you inquire and learn from people you do not necessarily agree with?


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ignoring a problem is accepting it

This weekend, my brother, nephew and I laid 300 square feet of Connecticut gray slate in the back yard. They were heavy, awkward and dangerous. We wore the proper hand and eye protection and there were no injuries.

As a leader, every time you walk by an unsafe working practice you are accepting it? We do not get the choice to ignore it. Sooner or later, someone gets hurt bad.

The safety pyramid was brought to my attention late last week and appreciated its simplicity. For every so many bad practices something will happen. For so many events happening, a something really bad happens. And so on. H.W. Heinrich, a pioneer of occupational safety, came up with the original accident pyramid in 1931.

Do you speak up when you see something unsafe or done dangerously?


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