Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snake solution

Why not so much a leadership topic, this is why you have not heard from LiaV lately.

After decades of travel, I finally had a close call. I came down with what we call the "Jingdezhen hack" (like a smoker's cough) while in Jingdezhen China. The local "pharmacy" gave me "999" to resolve the symptoms. I found out later it was some kind of ground up snake parts! The condition got worse. I often try to exercise in cases of a cold so on Saturday morning I did two laps around Century Park in central Shanghai. It did not seem to help and the condition got worse so I went to an expat clinic in Shanghai. At first they thought it was pneumonia and did not want me to fly to India that afternoon. They did an x-ray, gave me drugs and let me fly to India. A day later the Shanghai doctor emailed me saying it was pneumonia and to be very careful. I was feeling a little better but still had a deep chest cough that continued the week.

I got back to CT yesterday and saw my local doctor. She confirmed pneumonia and said it was amazing I'm not down ill. She gave more meds and told me not to exercise until the breathing straightens out.

Leaders – travel safe!


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