Sunday, August 5, 2012

The greatest generation?

This term it refers to the World War II generation born between 1928 and 1945.  What if each generation is great and it is leadership’s job to discover the value of each.

The tremendous benefits and challenges of building successful intergenerational teams has been a consistent aspect of business.  Artisans have taught their crafts to apprentices forever.  Today, the leader and team who best integrates the experience, wisdom and accomplishments of the Baby Boomers with the energy, ideas and technology skills of the Millennials and Generation Z’s will far out perform those who simply allow them to co-exist. Teams that understand this power and capitalize on it will be more satisfied, engaged and have far greater accomplishments.

What are you doing to build the strongest intergenerational teams?  How do you maximize the contributions of each generation?

Generation/Attribute Summary (Source: Australian Institute of Management):
Traditionalists/WWII = 1928-1945
Baby Boomer = 1946-1964
Generation Jones = 1954 and 1965
Gen X = 1965-1980
Gen Y = 1981-1995
Gen Z = 1996 - present


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