Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"My Sturgis"

“My Sturgis”

5 AM rendezvous,

Bikes, leather and BBQ

Pacific Coast HOG in front and rear,

Staggered formation and no beer.

Harley dealers and gas stops,

National parks and bike drops.

Cedar City, Idaho Falls,

Greg and Olin evening calls.

Dinner on Alan at Taco John's,

Rushmore with Geno, John and Juan.

Knives, bandanas and some drama,

Girls you wouldn’t want for your mama.

Joined in Hardin by Christina and Larry,

Often followed Keith and Mary.

GoPro, smart phone, selfie stick,

Flat track races were a kick.

Deadwood, Mesquite, Rapid City,

LaZalle Street was always busy.

Parking, laundry, rooms at BHSU,

Yellow Jackets were a friendly crew.

Colors, cuts and facial hair,

Tattoos, piercings everywhere.

Badlands and the Black Hills,

Red Lodge after a morning chill.

Awesome rides, counter steer,

Interstates and rain gear.

Needles highway, Spearfish Canyon,

Harold and Loretta were good companion.
Scenic stop for a buffalo burger,

My lost gloves were found by Jennifer.

Wide rear tires, big front wheels,

Last day Sturgis special deals.


Vance & Hines installed by them.

Rock Springs, sort butt, dirty bike,

Hampton Inn breakfast for a bite.

Last rider reaches PCH,

The whole adventure was a rage.

New friends and motor bikes,

Wish Barbara came, these are things she likes.


3947 Miles.


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