Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wind in your sails

This is a replay of a story I heard last week.

Sean was complaining about his boss.  It was one thing after another.  Bottom line, Sean could not find much positive in the situation.  Sean shared this with his mentor and he was told to save his energy.  “You should not try sailing when there is no wind” the mentor told him. 

Sean did not have the power or audience for his concerns.  He was basically campaigning to himself.  If he just waited, the wind would return and others would understand the situation.  As a leader, we must consider the same idea.  Sometimes it is our job to create wind.  We see a need and we must create change.  Other times, we must observe there is no audience for our concern and we should hold the idea for a better time.  It is our job to figure out which is which.

Have you had a great idea at the wrong time?  Did you ever wait for the right time and find more success?


J Wong said...

Very insightful! You are right; if we would just wait for the wind it would cut down on the frustration levels and allow you to be more effective when the wind comes. Working for a big company there are always times when you feel like you have a good idea or a way to make something better and it falls on deaf ears. When this happens I will recall this post and “wait for the wind”.

Abhrajit said...

The story depicts real situations, we often passed through these kind of situations both in our professional and personal lives. its always prudent to wait for wind to blow in right velocity so that we get the enough energy to sail through
Thanks a lot John, please enlighten us more with these kind of examples

Shariza Signe said...

I agree with the above comments. There is always a right time for everything. Thank you for this post! I look forward to read more.

Team building said...

The post is giving information about how to cope with the adverse conditions. Very useful post

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