Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reduce Your Value Now

The day after I presented a leadership lesson on "Delivering Results" I got this note of appreciation from one of the participants. “Thank you for your leadership lesson.  You successfully reduced your value.” Out of context, you might think this is a very questionable complement. 

On 29 April 2012, I posted a very controversial leadership concept that suggested it is all our responsibility to teach the people we lead everything we know.  By doing this, we would reduce our value in the organization and taken to the extreme, become redundant (0 par value).  It is then the leader’s responsibility to re-tool their skill-set or move on to a new challenge.  This helps explain while large organizations often appear to have a lot of churn.  The complement above was the result of my sharing this concept with the class participants and one student following up with a very witty email.

Do you have the gumption to make yourself redundant?  Do you drive your value down and up at the same time? Would you force your own removal?


Richard Johnson said...

So many companies, groups, and people have no clue how to deal with those who hold the team in such high regard they would self-sacrifice. The spirit of one who would climb on the backs of others to succeed does not brook the presence of a genuine leader or team builder. Results are all too often sad and predictable.

Lakerdad9699 said...

So, now I remember where I learned that philosophy. . .Must have been 26 years ago in Long Beach, CA.

Anonymous said...


Funny timing for this post. I recently accepted a new position in Medline as a Compliance Auditor. Ever since I started there I have encouraged cross training. Everyone on the team should know each others' job duties so the day can go on if one is out. I learned that in the Army, knowing that everyone is expendable.

So in being such a good trainer and leader, and following this practice to the tee, I have reduced my value. But by doing so, I have been picked up by another division and hope to do the same there.

I am tired, and probably rambling, but wanted to share.

Good luck in the house sale and the move. I guess it could be time to go to California again.


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