Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Self scored Quiz – Leadership Pioneer Series

There were 18 pioneers shared over the last couple weeks in our Management, Quality and Leadership 101 refresher series. Many of our LiaV readers and commenter’s gave other suggestions and fantastic reminders of other key contributors.

Here is a self scored quiz – only two questions and one demographic:

• How many of the 18 pioneers had you ever heard of?

• How many of the pioneers could you generally say what their contribution was?

• Are you a Gen Y, Gen X, Boomer or WWII Generation?

For example – prior to writing the series my answer would have been – I had heard of all 18, I could remember the contributions of 15 without looking and I’m technically a boomer, but really Generation Jones!

What are your answers?

Management Pioneers:
• 1911 Principles of Scientific Management Fredrick Taylor
• 1943 Theory of Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow
• 1946 Concept of the Corporation Peter Drucker
• 1954 The Practice of Management Peter Drucker
• 1968 Motivation-Hygiene Theory Fredrick Hertzberg
• 1933 The Social Problems of an Industrialised Civilization (Human Relations Theory Hawthorne Effort) Elton Mayo
• 1960 The Human Side of the Enterprise (Theory X/Theory Y) Douglas McGregor

Quality Pioneers:
• 1951 Quality Control Handbook (Quality Trilogy) – Joseph Juran
• 1963 Guide to Quality Control (Quality Circles) – Kaoru Ishikawa
• 1981 Study of The Toyota Production System - Shigeo Shingo
• 1986 Out of Crisis – W. Edward Deming
• 1988 Quality and Reliability Engineering (Quality Loss Function) – Genichi Taguchi

Leadership Pioneers:
• 1978 – Leadership Theory – John McGregor Burns
• 1986 Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge - Warren Bennis / Burt Nanus
• 1988 - In Search of Excellence – Tom Peters
• 1988 - Management of Organizational Behavior Kenneth Blanchard
• 1992 – I Want You To Cheat – Service Industry – John Sedden
• 1994 – Leadership Without Easy Answers – Ronald Heifetz,
• 1997 Leader's Companion – J. Thomas Wren


James Russo, EdD said...

"Mayo- Hawthorne studies Kirt Lewin- Freeze unfreeze F. Tayor- Scientific Management Drucker- MBO Demmings- Data driven Hertzberg- Hygiene McGregor- Theory x Theory Y Cannot remember how to spell - Flow ????-Managerial Grid Maslow- Hierarchy of Needs I can describe all of the above models Leadership Bennis and Nanus- Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership Bolman and Deal- Frames of Organization Sienge- 5th discipline Greenleaf- Servant Leadership This is what I can remember off the top of my head. Its been awhile. I'm generation X."

Beth Pang said...

"I recognize 9 of the 18, can state general contributions of 7 of the 9 and am an (early) Gen Xer. I would not have thought to ask about Quality pioneers however it makes sense since you're considering the Boeing context! I would add a few other leadership "pioneers" in terms of a second wave of pioneers: Ken Blanchard (situational leadership) Kouzes & Posner: The Leadership Challenge (based on interviews and surveys of thousands of leaders) Max DuPree (Leadership Jazz and Leadership as an Art) These 4 leadership thought leaders have greatly informed my collaborative leadership approach and for me describe the relational and non-positional leadership behaviors that have captured the complexity of leading and following."

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