Wednesday, March 25, 2009

“Leadership” 101 Refresher - Leadership Perspective (Part III)

This is part three of a three-part leadership refresher series. “Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.”

I was talking to a group of highly competent, intelligent Gen Y mentees the other day with reference to some of the pioneers of leadership. I noticed that with all the leadership books on the market, they were missing the foundation to communicate to the boomers in leadership positions today. From that, I decided a good leader really does need to understand the pioneers of management, quality and leadership theory.

These are the leadership pioneers that most influenced my early thoughts about leading people. I would describe all of the pioneers, but that would not be blog-like, therefore, each has a link to a more thorough source.
• 1978 – Leadership Theory – John McGregor Burns
• 1986 Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge - Warren Bennis / Burt Nanus
• 1988 - In Search of Excellence – Tom Peters
• 1988 - Management of Organizational Behavior Kenneth Blanchard
• 1992 – I Want You To Cheat – Service Industry – John Sedden
• 1994 – Leadership Without Easy Answers – Ronald Heifetz
• 1997 Leader's Companion – J. Thomas Wren

For some of us, this is like a walk down memory lane. Others may not be as familiar with them. One thing for sure, we owe it to the people we mentor to help them build their foundations on the theories of the original pioneers.

Are there any pioneers you would have added to this list? Will you share it with your mentees?


Klint C. Kendrick, MBA SPHR said...


Another great list! I was surprised to see that it lacked anything by Peter Drucker.

Drucker is seen as the father of modern management. And while we're all clear on the differences between managers and leaders, Drucker calls on all managers to actually lead and form strong relationships with their employees.

John Bishop said...

Klint - you are so right - Dr. Drucker is mentioned twice in Part I on management pioneers.


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