Sunday, January 8, 2012

The return of Dr. Rosling

Whether you are presenting an accomplishment, negotiating for more budget or selling a great idea, the effectiveness of your message often ties directly to your ability to summarize and present your data. Data is only mildly interesting until it becomes useful information.

In March 2009, I posted a blog (“Turning data into information”) about Professor Hans Rosling’s work at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. While his TED video was about national statistics, it was his ability to present information that captivated me. Dr. Rosling is back and with some technology friends. Together, they are really pushing the edge of effective presentations.

It appears LiaV was not the only group to recognize his keen ability. He had made the transition from impressive researcher to effective presentation guru.

What techniques have you seen help smart people improve their presentations?


Hans Rosling said...

Pls use

John Bishop said... has been added as a live link. Thanks for commenting.

J Wong said...

That was really cool and actually quite inspiring. What I liked best is that he conveyed his message with conviction and enthusiasm (which is usually required to send a good message) but the medium which he chose to do it was unique and that has left me with a lasting impression. What if we were done with the days of death by PowerPoint and instead presentations were done like this one? That would make an all day briefing more tolerable. For those of us that don’t have this kind of cool technology available to them you can always go with good old fashion audience involvement and engagement. That works wonders and is much more effective then lecturing to stale PowerPoint slides.

By the way, it’s cool that Dr. Rosling wrote a comment and pointed us to his site.

Feyzan said...

I found this presentation technique impressive and then I went to the website and watched some other talks by Dr Rosling.
I thought his overall engagement in the topics he is presenting is more captivating than the props he uses.

He has awesome props but still they would not save him (or anybody for that matter) if you don't have a good command of your topic and an engaging energy.

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