Tuesday, April 1, 2014

“Expectations remain the same”

Kansas University basketball coach, Bill Self, said “the faces change, but the expectations remain the same” on a TV advertisement.  At long last I thought I found an analogy where coaching sports did not align with other forms of leadership.

Self was describing how the KU basketball program has certain long term expectations and the players come and go. The longest a player stays is four years.  In business, it is the managers that come and go quickly and the “team” is in place for the long haul.  Each leadership regime comes in with their own set of programs, goals, methods and expectations.  On the surface, it sounds inconsistent.

After more thought, the expectations of the team did not change as much as it might sound.  In the aerospace industry, quality, safety and precision are the foundation and independent of who is the leader. The same concept is true in the customer service, high technology and entertainment industries.  The expectations at the top level remain the same.

Do you ensure your teams understand the top level expectations and create a culture supporting these expectations?

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Abhrajit said...

Dear John ,,

Good morning ,, this is an wonderful observation.. The gap between the managements expectations and the way execution team understands always there.. Its a role of a manager to translate managements exceptions into tangible goals and achieve them by series of tasks.. but the question remains how many line managers are allowed to have a complete view of big picture ?? Is it a leadership issue or business strategy ... i always wonder ,,

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