Sunday, February 16, 2014

Does anyone really care what LiaV says?

In the blog world, there are generally three types of readers. All three read the posts.  They differ in how they comment. There are those that are actively engaged and respond often.  Some are topically engaged and comment when a post sparks an emotion. Last, there are “lurkers” who are always reading the posts and never comment.  This diversity makes the Internet interesting.

You might have seen the comment of Anonymous on 10 February.  This reader has commented in the past and appears to be topically charged.  The question posed (Does anyone really care what LiaV says?) seemed worth checking.  I have not gone to Feedburner in a while to check our statistics, so here they are:

754 = Active LiaV email subscribers
515 = Active LiaV RSS feed push subscribers
133 = Active LiaV Blogger site subscribers
117 = Active LiaV Twitter subscribers
200 = Approximate number of site hits per day for over 111,890 total views
United States = Country with the most site hits (with England, Germany, Poland and India next)

Thank you for your engagement and participation. 

Does anyone really care what LiaV says?


Joeinca said...

I've been a subscriber for years.

While some topics are of more interest to me han others, I always find the posting interesting.

More often than not, I take away something of value. So in answer to the question, Yes, I do care what LiaV says.

Richard Johnson said...

Listen to a good symphony. Sometimes you'll the reeds serenade, other times strings whisper, and yet others the brass and tympani shout in unison. Life is like that. Sometimes we have the serenade of life's woodwinds, and time, focus, and energy for intense scrutiny of LiaV. Other times, family, job, momentary crises all shout in unison and we have only fleeting moments to see how pertinent and important LiaV is this week.

While doubts might assail you as to how engaged we readers are, place them in perspective. You took the lead in this blog, so *lead*. It doesn't really matter how engaged we are if even one of us becomes better next week because you took the time and energy to keep the forum.

Tom said...

Yes John. it is so cool how you can take everyday life situations and find leadership messages that we all can learn from. I do appreciate your perspective and thoughts. On a personal note, i have learned so much from your coaching in the past. keep it up

Russ said...

I am primarily a “lurker”, with only an occasional comment. I was initially appalled at the comment from "anonymous". I wanted to tell them off, but thought that I'd sleep on it before responding (I’ve slept a few times now). After giving it consideration, I remembered that we all have a constitutional freedom of speech, and I am glad to see that it is being utilized (regardless of whether I agree with the person).

A good leader will actively listen to the contributors, and weigh the input, but does not make decisions based upon surveys or opinion polls (otherwise most of our presidents would not remain in office very long).

About 5-6 years ago, I sought your input/advice into my long-term development plans. I am now less than a year from completion of it. It is yet to be seen the outcome it will have on my career, but I am certainly feeling better about obtaining the goal.

Whether your blog is simply creative writing/reading, or valuable life/work lessons, carry-on.

Sheldon Midgett said...

I read every blog post, some stir up conversation with peers, some are good for reflection, and some are good to share with my team. I was initially surprised by the anonymous writer and wanted to share a piece of my mind, however I essentially came to the same conclusion that many probably came too, which was everyone is entitled to their opinions. As leaders we should listen to all sides and use those opportunities to coach and resolve issues that are resolvable. I for one find value in LiaV. Thank you for sharing your stories and wisdom with those seeking to learn and improve.

Unknown said...

I am always pleased to see a new LIAV in my inbox. They're usually interesting, and a couple have become Scoutmaster Minutes for my boys' Troop.

Omar said...

I do.

Omar said...
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Simran Shah said...

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