Sunday, February 24, 2013

Exit with Grace - repeat

In 2009, I was presented the challenge of establishing multiple international manufacturing operations for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.  Four years later, major operations have been established and are delivering helicopter hardware from India, China, Poland and the Czech Republic, and the S-92 global partners in Taiwan, China, Brazil, Spain and Mexico have met the production ramp-up.  I was given the opportunity to prove international operations can be established using a robust program management orientation,  on-demand domain expertise, virtual leadership, cultural awareness and strict progress gate criteria and metrics.  It is now time to return to our Huntington Beach, CA home, enjoy life and see what new challenge presents arises.

When I left Boeing in 2009, I posted a LiaV blog on how to leave a company titled “Exit with Grace.”  It was an exploration of the best way to leave a company and I concluded that we should all leave gracefully and truthfully. I get to take my own advice again. That post got 49 comments that varied greatly.

What do you believe is the general rule of advice for an exit?


Anonymous said...

A saying I like on this subject "Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be graceful if it kills you" People will remember you more for how you leave a position than for how you entered.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, John.....But you do EVERYTHING with grace!!!

Kirsten Parks said...

John - I wish you the best. As long as you are at peace grace will follow. You are an amazing person who will only continue to accomplish great things.

Jim deFau said...

Well said John!"Talent is a gift - character is a choice" Enjoy retirement and your "wish-list' adventures. You'll be missed!

Preston Thompson said...

Coming, going, staying ... you do it all with grace and style. You live every moment as if it is a teachable one. As one of you many you have influenced and mentored, I know the good karma you gifted will be returned often and abundantly.

With utmost gratitude,


Anonymous said...


While you likely prefer open communication, I suggest you block that is the unhappy Sikorsky teammate. That person is making Sikorsky look bad.

Thank you for all you have done for so many.

MichaelJ said...

Hear Hear.

I love the word "Grace". To me it means "the opposite of rudeness", and I wonder why anyone would aspire to be anything less than graceful.

As to how one should exit? Never burn a bridge that doesn't need burning.

All the best,

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