Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have you clarified your expectations?

In November 2009, I shared a story about the downfall of not clarifying your expectations as a leader. The post was about Tim and was titled “Where is this new place that we are going?” I thought I would share the actual publication I produced. Have you clearly articulated your expectation? How do you react to the ones below?

JPB Expectations for team members (8 Nov 2009)

Leadership - Leadership is a verb, not a position. Everyone has a responsibility to lead.

Talent - Build world class teams of multi-functional, culturally diverse, multi-lingual talent. Develop/hire people more capable than ourselves. “A’s hire B’s. B’s hire C’s.”

Trust - Be honest. Don’t blame. Build the team. Help each other succeed.

Dependability - “Do what you say, when you say you will do it.” Over-deliver on commitments.

Virtual - Develop and demonstrate excellence in leading virtual teams. Master technology and improve people skills daily. Virtual is 10% technology and 90% people. “A successful virtual team is a geographically dispersed team that thinks and acts as if they were in one place.”

Relationships - Supplier and customer relationships are valued and proactively maintained. “Our performance is that of our supplier/teammates.”

Consistent - Predictable performance, rhythm, reviews, reports and meetings are valued. People can plan on our results.

Innovation - Continuous improvement is valued and lean is our toolbox.

Fact Based - Measure everything important using Malcolm Baldrige metric criteria. Have S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant & Time Phased). Make decisions based on a healthy balance of facts and intuition.

Standard Work - Once agreed, standard tools and templates are to be used. They save time and confusion. Improvements should be coordinated and deployed.

Recognition - Reward great results in a timely manner. Say “thank you.” Coach each other. Everyone should recognize everyone.

Have Fun - We are fortunate to be able to work on these amazing assignments. Everyone deserves to enjoy what they do. If someone is not having fun, help them find something they will enjoy doing.


Karel Goodwin said...

The only part that I slightly disagree with is Dependibility. I agree that everyone needs to try to do what they say, but our co-workers and leaders need to understand that the primary word is "Try". Sometimes there are external issues that impact dependibility and we shouldn't be blamed when those external issues impact our work. For example, let's say my financial reporting work is dependent on receiving data from three subcontractors. One or more of the subcontractors fails to submit accurate data and I have to spend an extra day validating their data. Is that my vault? We need to stop being so rigid when we measure employee performance. Quantity and Quality have to be balanced.

Suman said...

Karel, since you validated the data, you have taken initiative to do the thing right and thats the right thing. I feel most inaccuracies happen because of lack of process or lack of interest.
John, liked your post as always you are a terrific leader! I hope you agree that Leaders have several paths to choose to lead the way. Here are some thoughts I had on your post, thought provoking as it was.
Most people want to work for a boss better than they are, who they can learn from, If I hire someone better than me, I would like to make them my peer, not a subordinate.
Over delivery is fine but depending on whether your boss is a leader, the extra time/ effort may have been better utilized elsewhere :) keep the boss happy if you have one.
Your virtual principle is everywhere these days, workplaces have become more about people management (politics) rather than factual, something I see as a double edged sword, being an independent thinker or even minority seems to be hazardous.
Well said on relationships, I am only as strong as my weakest link.
Yea on the smart goals, I prefer to appreciate the minority for being different, understand their pain points and boost their potential, many bosses though think its more convenient to eliminate them to boost ratings.
Discuss templates, discuss deviation and promote originality while validating the need for the standard output. I talk to my child in detail when I can, even if I feel he should do something blindly, ofcourse one dont have to throw out all your strategies.
Have a great day, Leader!

Kanwaljit Singh said...

Lot of these expections falls on the integrity of one as without that nothing will happen. One should not think always what is it in for me ? - as one always gets rewarded sooner or later. The bottom line should be what you can do to help the team and your organization and do your best to accomplish the same, rewards will follow

Mark Pasdon said...


Mark Pasdon said...
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A P Raghu said...

Cant be any more clearer than this. Well written John.

Anonymous said...

It's a difference to be a manager or a boss. Managers should manage their team to improve.
If you want the best out of your team, manage them. Help them to succeed without thinking too much of your next career step.
They'll feel if you use their ability to build up your career or if you're managing them to help the company business succeed.

A team member is not working for you but for the company.

Your success follows by having a successfull team. Clear communication of expectations is a key.

Donald Woo, MIM, MCP, SCPM said...

Clarifying your expectations and defining the "success criteria" is critical for achieving the desired results in a timely, cost-effective, quality outcomes.

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