Sunday, October 11, 2009

Half Century

For the first time in almost two years, LiaV was not updated last week. While I had plenty of lessons and learning to share, I made a decision not to post as I was on a road trip celebrating my half century birthday. I was coached almost thirty years ago not to work on my birthday and years later started taking the full week off. Now this has matured to major travel and festivals where I can learn and experience new environments and cultures.

This year it was the Austin City Limits music festival. It was an amazing collection of bluegrass, country, rock, alternative, metal, folk, jazz and soul musicians. It also had a lot of rain and five inches of mud this year. Once you conceded that you were going to be a little wet and muddy, it was a blast. Even more important was the people we met and the experiences. We were learning all the time. Learning about Texas, music, people and crowd behavior.

Thanks for the week off and you’ll see some of the learning mentioned in upcoming posts.


Anna Monaco said...

Now that is what I call work life balance. BRAVO!! And Happy Birthday!

Michael K said...

You're not getting older - you're getting SO MUCH SMARTER in taking care of yourself. And Austin is a great place to do that - "more beef, ribs and music than any man ever seen" - in my experience.

Happy belated birthday!


StayInformed said...

Happy birthday my friend. Pismo was once again a success and rather eventful. The weather was much better than Austin, and the riding was spectacular. Oh, and did I mention that although I did not get sick, the two other guys brought back the H1N1 virus?? Go figure.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Austin is a great town for a celebration.

Suman said...

Happy Birthday John! My sis lives in Austin, my brother-in-law works for the Univ. of Austin there I believe in the Petroleum Engg dept. as thats what he majored in his Ph.D in Stanford. Ive been there myself and thought it was quite nice.
have a terrific year ahead, you make age seemd like just a number :) Best Wishes!

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