Monday, August 10, 2009

Darn that wisdom thing

The other evening I was collaborating with an esteemed professor of systems engineering on some virtual team course material. We were making great progress, working remotely, using content-sharing software and low-cost web-link technology. One could say we were cutting edge collaborators in the moment.

It became clear to us that the course module needed more team introduction content, and we needed to do some research into basic teaming definitions and skills. This would require going old-school to get the information. Then my colleague made an interesting observation and said, “The older I get the more I respect that which came before me.” The dichotomy of working in the mist of all that technology and then being dependent on research before our reign was interesting.

Do you have examples of times when you gained a renewed respect for old-school knowledge?


Kirsten Parks said...

Everytime the servers are down. (smile) We sometimes forget what the world was like without computers and cell phones. Things were slower and boy were relationships more important or you were really stuck.

Les Hedgespeth said...

My children find it hard to believe that accounting clerks once counted all that change by hand at the grocer before credit/debit cards came available.

They also believe that cavemen had microwaves. I try to correct them by changing the channel with the REMOTE to something educational.

I enjoy the times that power goes out or servers go down, it allows for us to realize that we still have face to face relationships to manage.

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