Friday, June 19, 2009

“Real” Networking

John’s company sells a value-added service that many entities need and use. I am a very likely buyer of John’s company’s services, but we have not yet connected the dots to do business together. John has never tried to sell me anything, but if I wanted some of what he sells, I would ensure he was on the bid list.

We had lunch together the other day, and we each brought the other up-to-speed on our latest happenings. There is a mutual respect that eliminates the need for some type of sales pitch. He always takes the time to teach me the most advanced 3PL (third party logistics) solutions across multiple industries, and I try to share my latest knowledge about strategic sourcing, leadership and web 2.0. Each of us ultimately leaves every meeting feeling we have accomplished/learned something important.

We talked about the litmus test last week in “But would they return the call?” and many of you responded that networking is about giving of one’s self without the expectation of anything in return. John and I may do business together one day, but in the meantime, we mutually help each other achieve personal and business results. I return John’s calls.

Do you remember to take the time to build relationships even when you don’t need anything?

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soulsupply said...

So John ..are you talking about altruism in your conclusion ... could either business or social networking ever be this pure - the value you finish with is quite outstanding?

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