Thursday, January 8, 2009

Addiction or skill?

If you came home at 1:00pm to a quiet house on the last day culminating the conclusion of a successful three decade Fortune 100 career, what would be the first thing you would do?

I asked this question to many and the answers range from taking a nap to popping open a cold one. My answer Tuesday was to remove the random CDs from the Onkyo DV-CP702 six disc player, start at “A” in the CD collection and load music. In my case it was !!!, AC/DC, Aerosmith, AFI, Against Me and American Hi-Fi. That was working out pretty well until I paused for a moment and realized I had also reworked my new cell phone with a relevant message, posted on the blog, added the blog and my web to my Linkedin and Facebook pages, emailed a number of professional and personal contacts establishing new and different business relationships and set up a few “coffee meetings.”

So what is this all about? The extreme networking skills that allowed me to achieve so much over 3 decades might be part of my DNA at this point. Although these networks are the result of many years, they are also equally strong with the 22 year old Gen Y’s that are now helping use web 2.0 technology to align with my “old style” contacts (no, it is not still on a rolodex!).

If networking is an obvious tool for successful leaders, what have you done this week to build yours? What else should I be doing to network Leadership is a Verb™?


Anonymous said...

Your good-bye via blog and video links from a Fortune-500 Co (BA) was amazing. Such a poignant good-bye through music. WOW...I'm re-thinking a lot after seeing them.

Flavia Silvestri said...

Morning John!

Great post! I think many of us were curious to find out what it was like for you right after you left the office for the last time....thank you for sharing that :-)

As far as what could be done to help network Leadership is a Verb, I think Facebook is an excellent tool you have chosen and if I am not mistaken, you could actually send invites to Facebook members to join the site...maybe even various Networks - like specific cities and industries, etc. Also, if your current bloggers like myself have Facebook, they too could send out invites to everyone in their list of friends and networks! And finally, I think it would be a great line to add to our email signatures to get people to check out the blog!

As far as what I've done this week to enhance my networking, yesterday morning I had an hour chat with my mentor from the Tanker Program. We caught up on the latest events from the program and the various leaders/members - their new locations/positions - as well as discussed my 2008 performance in my new Finance position and where to go from here. And then later in the day, I talked to my former manager/coworker in Italy to learn more about his new assignment on 787 and fill him in on my new position/goals/challenges. My next focus for the month will be setting up some face time with the folks at the site here in Charleston.

Ciao and Happy Friday!

John Bishop said...


Great ideas we (and I'll ask you) to take advantage of. I added it to my email signature already.

You forgot to mention the most obvious networking you were doing real time - staying connected with the LiaV community. Networking 20 years ago was limited to professional dinner meetings. Today we have a world of options that can be taken advantage of while anywhere on the global.

OK - Brazil, UK and Italy - where are your thoughts?

John Bishop said...

Deal Anonymous,

First - out of a billion songs I narrowed it down to 10. The got it down to the 4 you watched.

It was a fun and insightful process to try to balance my respect for the current while balancing the need for something new.

My goal was to make you "stop and think" and it sounds like I did for many.

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