Monday, July 26, 2010

What would your museum say?

After the US Coast Guard flag ceremony while driving through the back roads of Connecticut looking for the two big casinos, we stumbled upon the “John Bishop Museum.” Build in 1810; it was far ahead of its time in terms of building techniques.

Think about this concept. What would be in a museum dedicated to you? What if someone secretly watched over everything you did, then collected the stories and artifacts and assembled them into the museum of your life for all to see? What would the museum say about you? What would your life stand for? Would the good supersede the not so good?

The idea of having your personal museum was originally brought to my attention by John Strelecky in his best seller “Big Five for Life.” The concept makes you think about your priorities.

Would you want to visit your own museum? Would others?


J Wong said...

My Museum would be quite boring since all I do is work and I am sure no one would want to come view my museum. It kind of has me sad and I am reflecting on this post. Thanks for the intriguing thought. What guidance would you give to someone who all work and no play? The easy answer is to “get out more” but sometimes people become consumed with their career and it is more difficult then it may first appear.

John Bishop said...

J Wong - Go to PBS!!! on yur way home from "work".

Heath Davis Havlick said...

I think my museum would be one of those pits filled with plastic balls you see at Chuck E. Cheese's, each one labeled with a different "priority"; that would represent how scattered and diverse my priorities have been throughout my life. There would also be a wall stacked high with all the projects I've done, and another stack of photos of people I've loved and cared for. My goal is that, by the end of my life, the stack of photos will be higher than the stack of projects. Relationships are the only thing you can take with you.

Unknown said...

I like the museum idea. As a history teacher I ask a similar question of my high school students...years from now what would an archeologist find out about you if they discovered your room in a dig? Who are you and what is important to you now? Hopefully they will get a head start on understanding who and what they are or may become.

John Bishop said...

J Wong - ride your beach cuirser this and next weekend and see the 100,000 people having fun on the HB beach!

I'll see you there.

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