Saturday, April 13, 2013

Innovate or evaporate

I recently weaned off years of corporate a provided Blackberry to a personal smart phone.  What a fantastic product and a true lesson of innovation.  The smart phone does so much and is so user friendly.  The geeks get the credit.

Products seem to get all the focus when it comes to innovation.  Sure, leaders must have the insight to provide the funding and vision to allow the geeks to take off with their ideas, but what about leadership innovation at its basic level.  What should leaders be looking for in assessing their team’s innovation?  There are a plenty!  Leadership innovation includes process improvements, recruiting successes, team maturity accomplishments, virtual skill development, and business model overhauls.  Innovation should be assessed in all we do and of those around us.  In fact, leaders need to be careful to not set a tone of technical innovation being more important than business innovation.  They work hand-in-hand.

What have you done lately to encourage business model innovation? 


Leadership, Life and Style said...

My workplace recently upgraded from the dreaded Blackberry and the new Iphone 5. Making my job smarter and more efficient.Innovation can be found anywhere, and we need to be aware where to look.

Bryan said...

To be innovative within the current system or to innovate radically, that is my struggle.

Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts, John. I think I need an iPhone lesson with you!

Kern Mike said...

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Chante said...

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